Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth?

Does Drinking More Water Protect Your Teeth?


It is commonly understood that water is an essential factor for optimal health. Water contributes the majority of body weight and is involved in performing important functions as well. Also, high consumption of water is good for healthy teeth and gums. Oral health is affected by the presence of fluoride content present and the quality of water, whether it is bottled water, tap water, and so on.

We usually follow healthy oral hygiene practices and regular dental visits to keep our teeth and gums healthy and strong. Likewise, drinking plenty of water will enhance practical benefits associated with oral well-being. Here are the top 4 benefits of drinking water to improve oral health:

  • Washes Away Bad Stuff

Drinking sufficient water cleans your mouth and rinses away harmful bacteria and food debris. Water is considered the best mouth cleaner and dilutes the acid produced by harmful bacteria. Thereby, it helps to fight against tooth decay, cavities, plaque formation, and gum diseases. Stay hydrated and get the sparkling bright smile you always wished for.

  • Fights Against Dry Mouth

Drinking plenty of water helps in saliva production and keeps your mouth hydrated as well. The increased production of saliva fights against dry mouth which is a condition in which there is insufficient moisture content in the mouth that leads to bacteria growth. 

  • Restores Tooth Enamel

Water is the best beverage to take care of your tooth enamel. Minerals and fluoride present in the water help to restore the protective layer of teeth, called enamel. Saliva washes away food debris and prevents plaque formation. Therefore, minerals present in the saliva strengthen teeth and gums and help to rebuild tooth enamel.

  • Enhances Good Breath

Good oral practices like brushing and flossing remove food residue and harmful bacteria which cause cavities. But the bacteria accumulated during the day can affect your breath when you speak. Fortunately, the consumption of plenty of water washes away odor-causing particles and food debris and provides a fresh smelling breath.

  • Calorie-Free Option

Some carbonated and sugary soft drinks increase unhealthy acid attacks resulting in cavities and tooth decay. Water does not boost up calories and it is completely sugar-free. Drinking water takes care of your body weight and aids proper metabolism as well.

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