iTero Scanners for Precise Dental Impressions

iTero Scanners for Precise Dental Impressions


The iTero Digital Impression Scanner is the latest invention in the dental equipment that allows technicians to take precise 3D digital photographs of the mouth. Traditionally, impressions of the mouth for orthodontic treatments or implant installations were taken using a dental cast that the patient would have to bite into. These can be messy, invoke a gag reflex, and are not as precise as digital scanners. iTero, thus, transforms the way dental treatments are conducted.

All About iTero Scanners

The iTero scanner is a handheld, compact device that uses optical technology to scan the patient’s teeth and gum structure digitally. The radiation-free laser renders a 3D image that can be viewed on the computer screen. Hence, the scans are precise and can be taken throughout the orthodontic or restorative treatment to track progression. 

Benefits of iTero Scanners

iTero scanners promise reliability, speed, and excellent visuals. Take a look at the benefits this new-age scanner has to offer:

  • The procedure to scan the teeth is quick and takes only about 2-3 minutes to complete.
  • The images are highly accurate and offer more precision than traditional dental mold impressions.
  • Since the patient's visuals can be viewed immediately on screen, it helps them better understand the condition and the plan of action.
  • iTero is a smart software that recognizes changes in the tooth structure in subsequent scans. The tool presents the differences in the past and current structure clearly on the computer screen.
  • The iTero scanner is compatible with the Invisalign system allowing the patient to view how their teeth would look at the end of the orthodontic treatment.
  • The data can also be shared with the patient via email to help patients understand the details in their own time.
  • The digital impressions taken by the scanner can be shared with preferred labs to plan treatments seamlessly.

Modern technology in dental equipment makes it possible for dental offices to deliver top-notch services. iTero, in this case, offers a seamless experience to patients and paves the way for the best outcome in dental treatment.

When you visit a dentist for orthodontic or corrective dental treatments, make sure the office is equipped with the latest technology such as this. At South FriendsWood Dental Associates, we focus on offering the best treatment using the latest technology.

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