Using Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before the End of the Year

Using Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before the End of the Year

Posted by South Friendswood Dental Associates on Oct 22 2021, 08:49 AM

It would be best if you utilized the benefits of dental insurance plans before they run out. It could save you hundreds of dollars. So, year-end is the perfect time to ensure that you've utilized all your insurance benefits.

If you are still left with benefits, here are some options you can make use of before the end of the year.

Yearly Maximum

Dental insurance policies have a yearly maximum. It is the amount that your dental insurance company has committed to pay for the entire year under the dental insurance plan. The majority of people have an average of $1,000 per year per individual. However, this could differ by the insurance company. If you are not using any benefits, they lapse and will not carry over to the following year. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare before your fiscal year or calendar year ends and utilize all the benefits that remain active.

Dental Problems Can Worsen

If you are still eligible for available benefits at the end of the year, schedule an appointment with our dentist. The delay may result in more expensive and lengthy treatments in the future. So immediately make an appointment and treat your cavities and other minor dental issues instead of allowing them to develop into more significant problems.


The deductible refers to the sum you have to pay to the dentist from your pocket before the insurance company pays for any service. The deductible you pay for can differ in value based on the insurance plan you have and the dentist you choose. This cost varies from plan to plan and can be more expensive if you opt for an out-of-network provider. However, the average deductible is around $50 per calendar year. The deductible is also renewed after the plan is renewed.

Get Preventive Care

Since you are paying dental insurance premiums every month, you should make the most benefit of these. If you don't think you will need dental treatment in the next six months, we suggest you have routine dental checkups and cleanings to prevent future dental problems and maintain your oral health and hygiene. Preventive treatments such as dental cleanings and fluoride treatments are significant for taking care of your teeth. They help reveal dental issues, get rid of problems before they become worse, and keep the cost of treatment minimal.

Fee Increases

Most dentists raise their fees in the first few months of the year because of the rising cost of living and equipment and materials. So it would be best if you utilized all of your benefits before the year's close. 

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