General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General dentistry is often considered as the first line of defense against a majority of oral health issues. Whether you are suffering from dental pain, swelling or bleeding in the gums, tooth decay, infection, or any other concern, general dentistry comes to your rescue. When you visit us for the treatment, we will conduct your dental examination and proceed towards the treatment. 

What Does General Dentistry Include? 

  • Dental Fillings 

Cavities may bother children and adults equally, and if not addressed timely, the problem may lead to tooth decay. For most cavities, we use dental filling. A dental filling made using tooth-colored material not only fills the empty space but also keeps infection and decay at bay. We will numb the site of the procedure and then apply composite-resin material to match your remaining teeth. 

  • Dental Crowns and Onlays

When your cavities are too big to fill, we will use dental crowns to treat the condition. A dental crown is also used for chipped, broken, or fractured teeth. They are dental caps made using various materials to cover your teeth. We will take the impressions of your teeth and customize the crowns to fit you snugly. 

Onlays are also like dental crowns but smaller in size. They are usually used for the upper area, including your teeth cusps. The only difference is that they do not cover the entire surface of your teeth. 

  • Root Canal 

Root canal therapy is used to remove the infection that has reached your tooth pulp, leading to immense pain and bleeding. If such infection is not addressed on time, it may spread to the remaining teeth, thus leading to tooth decay. A root canal surgery also saves your teeth from extraction. 

We will numb the site of surgery so that you do not feel a bit of pain during the procedure. After your root canal surgery, we will fill the space with a filling or crown. 

  • Extractions 

If the infection in your teeth is so severe that even root canal therapy cannot save it, you may need tooth extraction surgery. Extractions are also required in other cases like wisdom teeth removal. The procedure requires local anesthesia to make you comfortable and prevent pain. 

  • Periodontal Treatment 

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is serious, and you cannot turn a blind eye to it. Early periodontal treatment saves your gums and teeth from further decay. The treatment includes scaling and root planing. Both these procedures remove the accumulation of calculus from your gum line, ensuring that your gums remain healthy.

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